Steps to Hire a Reputable Mold Remediation Company

If you’re a homeowner in need of mold removal services, then you need an understanding of how to choose the right company to undertake the job. Mold or mildew can be damaging to your property as well as your health, and it is crucial that you get it taken care of in a timely manner to minimize the chance of further issues occurring. A good mold removal company can be there in a timely manner and will provide you with excellent service. Here are some great tips on how to choose a good mold remediation company:

First, you’ll want to check their reputation in the industry. Find out if this company has had any complaints filed against them, and if they acted and corrected these issues. A good source to check would be the BBB, or Better Business Bureau. From there, you can see if there were any complaints filed against the company, and if there have, you will be able to see the reason as to why. In most cases, you will also be able to derive how long the company has been in business by checking their website.  As a general rule, a company that has been in the industry for a while has obviously provided good work and quality service to keep them in the industry for so long.

Next, you’ll want to check their certifications. It is absolutely vital that the company you choose has the proper certification in mold cleaning and remediation. This ensures that the said company has the necessary experience and expertise to tackle the mold issue inside of your home. Making sure that the company and their technicians are well trained on safety precautions and guidelines is a good idea as well, because you will want to avoid any health risks.  The certification programs that they’re involved with include Indoor Air Quality Association, or the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration). If the company does not have any certifications or can’t provide you with the proof of certification, it would be best to find a different company. Any reputable and experienced company will gladly provide you with their credentials.

After you’ve checked for certifications, it is time to ask around for references. One of the best ways to find out how reliable a company is comes from the customer base. You shouldn’t rely on any advertisements, regardless of how clever it may seem. Scan over their website for references, and if you would like to take it a step further, contact the customer directly and ask them about their experience. Asking friends and family for recommendations is also a good idea, as they will usually provide you with an honest answer regarding their experiences. Social media such as twitter and Facebook are usually good mediums to find good reviews as well.

It is always in your best interest to contact several different companies and ask for an estimate. But, be forewarned that some companies may charge you for this service if you do not end up choosing them to provide the services for you. If you’re having doubts, ask them up front before having them provide you with an estimate.

You should always check to see if the mold remediation company has liability insurance for their services. The policy must clearly prove that they are covered for the removal and safe handling of mold.

There are always going to be companies that do not guarantee their work, but the company should guarantee their work or at least offer a warranty, and in some cases warranties can extend up to 20 years.

The next and final step to finding a quality mold remediation company is to find out the full scope of the services that they can provide you with. Some companies may only deal with the treatment and removal of mold, but they won’t remove the source of moisture that caused the mold. For example, say water came in through a crack in your ceiling and that is what caused the mold. In this case, the company would not fix the crack but only remove the mold. It is important to know just exactly what services you’ll be receiving and what exactly you are paying them to do.

If that happens, it means that the mold will more than likely return since mold thrives and grows off of excess moisture. It is far more cost-effective to hire a company that also specializes in water damage as well as mold remediation, as they will provide you with complete water damage repair and mold removal services. These contractors can also repair other damages to your home as well.